Phone Scams

Kaiser, in conjunction with the Indiana Attorney General’s offfice, wants to assist people in recognizing signs of possible phone scams:

NON-EXISTENT AREA CODES- if the area code looks fake, it’s probably a scam.
AREA CODE 202- Unless you are expecting a call from Washington DC, this is probably a fraudulent call, and should be reported.
ARE CODE 876- unless you know someone in Jamaica this is probably a scam and should be reported.
UNFAMILIAR AREA CODES- unusual places of origin lead ti scam calls.
SAME NUMBER AS YOU- It’s called call mirroring, it means your number has been entered on a telemarketing list.
GENERIC CALLER ID- Potential scam

Tonight midnight is the last day of this quarter to register for this quarter on the DO NOT CALL LIST. You can do so by calling 1-888-834-9969 or visiting

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