We’ve made a few more upgrades

If you have walked into our building since the move, you have likely seen our board room off to your left and our reception deck directly in front of you. For those of you have not visited us, or those who may not remember, the two spaces had emerald green carpeting that featured a cranberry red border around the edge. The board room had a second beige border.

You’ll have to come back to visit us again, as we’ve made a few changes. Until you get the chance to see it in person, here are a few pictures.

We made sure to stake our claim and make our mark:



We exchanged the green carpet for something that was a better match for the walls, and for the hallways.






Our boardroom also got the new carpet treatment. If you look off to the left or right of the photo, you’ll notice that there is a black border around the board room. Personally, I think it is looking good.




Be sure to visit us on Facebook, on our website, and at our office as we work hard to continuously improve both our administrative building and our community.

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